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We are not just trainers or coaches running “training institutes” that are omni-focussed on just getting you to somehow “pass” your Step 2 CS with practically no real world experience of the present day medicine or real-time patients. Many such “teachers-only doctors” running these training sessions (especially outside of the U.S.) practically haven’t themselves witnessed any real U.S. patients recently and don’t even know what’s going on in the current day healthcare practices across the U.S.

The real-life Patients speak for us...

Walk the talk —We practice what we preach”…not just prepare you for the exams. Dr. Harpreet Singh believes in “patient first” approach and his real-life patients show love and faith in the way he practices his medicine. Vital Checklist Mentors & SP’s take you “close” to real-life encounters and mentor you precisely what program directors are looking for when they score you in the exams.

Our Students speak for us...

Ace your Step 2 CS...

VitalChecklist workshops not just aim to train you well in passing your Step2CS in the first attempt… we mentor you intensely to the modern day US health practices, norms and mandates that you surely require further in your residency, internship, fellowship and your actual caregiver’s practice down the line. We build you a strong foundation, we make you empathetic doctors who are loved by their patients, we make you more organized and technology enabled doctors who can deal well with their professional environments and are better revenue generators for their organizations. Above all, your patient satisfaction score will always keep your esteem and career boosted… taking you to new heights in lesser amount of time!

Experienced Online USMLE Study Partner

Do you want a U.S. based "practicing" doctor to identify your problem areas in Step 2 Clinical skills?

Can a person still learning to swim himself teach swimming to others? Can fellow students teach correct clinical and communication skills while they themselves strive hard and barely pass their exams?

How many times have you heard that getting interviews and matching into residency is difficult when you fail Step 2 CS? There is no second chance! With number of medical students increasing, program directors are relying on ERAS computer software to screen the application. Once you fail, your application is already out even if you have scored high in Step 1 and Step 2 CK

SkypeID: drsinghmd

Skype ID: drsinghmd

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WHY Winning Patients is important...

in EXAM and in REAL LIFE medical practice


Medical Students

Practising Doctors


Pass USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills in First Attempt Improve Patient Experience Scores

Grading Factor

Make Standardized patient happy who GRADE the medical student during exam
  1. Integrated Clinical Encounter — ICE
  2. Communication Interpersonal Skills
  3. Spoken English Proficiency
Make Real-life patient happy who GRADE the doctors/caregivers on HCAHPS/CGCAHPS score
  1. Communication and Clinical Skills
  2. Explain in Layman language with Checklist and art
  3. Listen more


Patients- Standardized or Real Life should FEEL the connection. They will grade you higher only if you connect with them EMOTIONALLY and interact with them at the limbic system level.

Make Better Medical Students


Make Better Doctors

Get Trained by a “Practising” Doctor

who has received numerous accolades from his patients and students



Be more successfull in your medical career in less time.

Are you a Medical Student ?

Get Trained by a “Practising” Doctor

for Step2 CS students and
Physician Assistants (PA)
Are you a Doctor ?


for Hospitals and Clinics
Doctors, Nurses & other Caregivers

Learn about latest developments in US Medicine ICD-10

Changing healthcare environment requires students to be trained in the newly imposed ICD-10. If you cannot co-relate Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, with Internal Medicine then you will not be able to reach to a diagnosis, failing which will result in poor explanation to the patients and this may result in failing the exam or scoring poor HCAHPS score.

Workshop Highlights

Learn how these interns benefitted from our workshop.

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How to attend Step 2 CS Workshop?


Grand Rapids, Michigan

2240, Millennium View Court, Grand Rapids, MI - 49525
Ph: +1 (616) 260 3232


Park Inn (Radisson) 500 N. Sam Houston Pkwy East, Houston-TX
Ph : +1 (281) 931 0101

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Last Sat & Sun of Every Month

Pre-Scheduled Weekend Workshops

On-demand Workshops

Can be arranged for a batch of 5+ students. Please contact us for group workshops

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Investment (per student)

2 days/16 hrs
@ $1000 $800

3 days/24 hrs
@ $1200 $1000

1 day/8 hrs
@ $800 $600

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Vital Checklist's workshop for USMLE Step 2 CS Exam

A comprehensive workshop that trains you with a different approach towards medicine, Secure your residency! Shine out in your practice!

Why you should pass Step 2 CS Exam in the first attempt?

head start Clinical Practice in US

30% of reimbursements are dependent on patient experience (HCAHPS) surveys.

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Why program directors are hesitant to give you a residency spot if you did not pass the Step 2 Clinical Skills exam, despite scoring a good 3 digit score in the Step 1 and Step 2 CK exams?

Patients grade every health caregiver on their HCAHPS or CAHPS Survey. In fact, soon the reimbursement of caregivers, hospitals and outpatient clinics will all be dependent on their HCAHPS Survey. The vital component in HCAHPS and CAHPS is communication, interpersonal skills and proactively answering to the needs of the patients thus improving the patient’s experience.

USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills has the same elements as of HCAHPS score and thus passing this exam in thefirst attempt becomes a big constraint, or rather, it becomes an important link to start.  Read More

Our Coaching Methodology

Who we are
A medical education company trying to bring some very artistically, meaningfully and thoughtfully derived approach in learning healthcare practices.
Identify & overcome your constraints, become consistent, efficient & more confident. Benefit yourself from an extensive research
Innovative Learning
With our workshops for medical students/PAs & healthcare programs, we want to involve & activate everyone with easy education tools

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