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The "WHY" of Vital CHecklist

Time spent by the caregivers to attain complex medical/Surgical knowledge.
Years and decades

Medical School | Residency | Fellowship | Programs

Time spent by the patients to attain that medical know-how Last 30-60 minutes of hospital stay or
15-30 minutes of Clinical visit

Our Mission : Adapt " Patient First" approach. Activate them...  Love Communicating!!!
Our Vision   :  To bridge communication gap between caregivers & patients & save healthcare costs.

Learn a new way to Success

Vital Checklist's workshop for USMLE Step 2 CS Exam

A comprehensive workshop that trains you with a different approach towards medicine, Secure your residency! Shine out in your practice!

Why you should pass Step 2 CS Exam in the first attempt?

head start Clinical Practice in US

30% of reimbursements are dependent on patient experience (HCAHPS) surveys.

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Why program directors are hesitant to give you a residency spot if you did not pass the Step 2 Clinical Skills exam, despite scoring a good 3 digit score in the Step 1 and Step 2 CK exams?

Patients grade every health caregiver on their HCAHPS or CAHPS Survey. In fact, soon the reimbursement of caregivers, hospitals and outpatient clinics will all be dependent on their HCAHPS Survey. The vital component in HCAHPS and CAHPS is communication, interpersonal skills and proactively answering to the needs of the patients thus improving the patient’s experience.

USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills has the same elements as of HCAHPS score and thus passing this exam in thefirst attempt becomes a big constraint, or rather, it becomes an important link to start.  Read More

Get a Head Start with Vital Checklist Workshop

head start Clinical Practice in US

Love Communicating... Read More

We need to change our methodology of teaching students. Our focus is to make more proficient caregivers who have 100% involvement in the patient's well being. We should teach them not only clinical skills but also train them with proficient and meaningful communication skills, which eventually will evolve good CAHPS surveys.

Why get trained by us?

Dr. Harpreet Singh received numerous testimonials from his real-life patients, which endorsed that his way of treating patients is effective to educate and engage the patients about their ailments. They admired the “layman ” approach of Dr. Singh that sets him apart from his fellow caregivers. This inspired him to further distribute this quality into his fellow practitioners, especially to train medical students and graduates to give outstanding experience to the standardized patients.

Where is Vital Checklist?

Vital Checklist is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. By road, it is 3 hours from Chicago and 2 hours from Detroit. Grand Rapids is well connected to Chicago by air and train as well. Everyday an Amtrak comes to the Grand Rapids. You can avail taxi-cab services from A-1 Airport Cars (877-276-1335) who offer affordable car services from DTW Airport to Grand Rapids. Please refer to the Location & Transport page to further know how to reach us easily. Be sure to check the lodging and Dining options as well

Our Coaching Methodology

Patient Experience

Check out what the enlightened patients have to say about VitalChecklist's "WhyClinic" way of diagnosis and treatment.

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Who we are
A medical education company trying to bring some very artistically, meaningfully and thoughtfully derived approach in learning healthcare practices.
Identify & overcome your constraints, become consistent, efficient & more confident. Benefit yourself from an extensive research
Innovative Learning
With our workshops for medical students/PAs & healthcare programs, we want to involve & activate everyone with easy education tools

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Patients always respect their physicians but do they really love them?
How can you achieve love in your patient’s mind?
The only way patients will have high love and high respect is when we communicate well with the patients. Hence Vital checklist derived this key concept to make your patient's life happier and easier.

Love Communicating... Improve your clinical skills
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