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Do you want a U.S. based "practicing" doctor to identify your problem areas in Step 2 Clinical skills?

Can a person still learning to swim himself teach swimming to others? Can fellow students teach correct clinical and communication skills while they themselves strive hard and barely pass their exams?

How many times have you heard that getting interviews and matching into residency is difficult when you fail Step 2 CS? There is no second chance! With number of medical students increasing, program directors are relying on ERAS computer software to screen the application. Once you fail, your application is already out even if you have scored high in Step 1 and Step 2 CK

SkypeID: drsinghmd

Skype ID: drsinghmd

Video session on

8 hours of online coaching
8am to 4pm

3rd Saturday of the every Month

*Free* Patient Note Assessment

Batch of 10 students

Stress free learning, on the go analysis and improvement

Side-by-side USMLE Coaching

Road to USMLE STEP 2 CS Book
practical hands-on training


You need to pay in advance online through Paypal

*Introductory offer only

$299  $199.00*

Credentials for Dr.Singh as a:

Speaker for Wellness & Health

Co-host : Health-talk Radio Show

Wellness Coach

USMLE Instructor & Mentor

USMLE Study Partner

Internal Medicine Doctor

Testimonials from Dr. Singh's Students

Dr. Hee Kong Fong


Your innovative way of teaching, inspirational talks, sincere advice and your selfless devotion to teaching are what i like the most

Dr. Aman Chauhan


I was fortunate to learn the art of clinical case taking from Dr. Singh

Dr. Gagan Khanguru


You helped me discover the confidence that I never thought existed in me

Dr. Kishan Nallapula


Your acronyms are amazing

Dr. Tarun Jolly


The way you teach is not just good, it’s truly an honor to have been taught by you

Dr. Deepak Verma


The self-confidence and courage you instilled in me shuttled me light years ahead of where I was before coming under your influence. Your friendly approach, amazing sense of humor, and, above all, your genuine concern for me, has filled my heart with endless respect and thoughtfulness for you

Dr. Shahzadi Bhutto


I always love being taught on webinars and this was one of my favorite sessions

Dr. Dilip Rajasekharan


His novel ideas introducing humanity into the practice of medicine are something every doctor should embody

Dr. Avantika Singh


Like a perfect guru, he teaches by using examples drawn from real life as well as from scholarly works

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