Arts in Medicine

about the exclusive and interactive use of arts Clinical Skills training

Arts in Medicine

Health care environments play a key role in healing the patients and therefore our society is focusing more on making arts in medicine a very vital part in health. We are focused on getting green buildings and using renewable and biodegradable sources of energy. To get positive experiences, healthcare institutions are spending fortune to include variety of music programs and visual arts program. Arts in medicine bridge the gap between the cultural diversity of local, regional and worldwide communities.

At Vital Checklist, we have taken art to the next level by coaching students to teach the standardized patients with help of pictures.

If picture is worth thousand words, why don’t we use often?

Dr.Singh first learnt this art from his mentor’s Dr.Timothy Frtiz who explained his patients with white board drawings. Since then he has used white board as a tool to explain the patients. Now he not only teaches his patients but also encourages his students to explain standardized patients in USMLE Step 2 CS exam with help of pictures.

This type of art of explaining patients their pathophysiology with pictures creates dent in the behavior as patients are encouraged to change because now they know the Why of the problem.

These creative encounters with help of pictures improves

Our Goal at Vital Checklist is to answer the ultimate question when a patient leaves our practice: Will this patient refer his loved ones in the future and be loyal to us?

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