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Dr Ankur Sinha - Executive Editor
Dr Ankur Sinha is a budding physician. He is an avid researcher and finds solace after his hours at work, in putting his thoughts into words. He advocates upheaval of set practices and blind notions using science and research. He strongly believes that " When you work for your passion, your life becomes an endless vacation"

iCRUSH Ebola- All you need to know about Ebola!

From Left- Dr Singh, Ms Dana Chicklas and Dr Sinha

Ebola has caused a huge scare over the community recently and the population has repeatedly questioned the possibility of it affecting the United States. Dr Singh was approached by Fox 17 West Michigan to speak about the signs and symptoms of Ebola, as well as the situation of the spread in United States. Let us briefly describe all that you ... Read More »

Innovation in Venous Imaging

The Accuvein device depicting the visualisation of veins in the arm.

With the amount of research going on around the world, fruitful innovations are bound to happen. We report our views on one such development in venous imaging technologies.This is a hand-held imaging device designed to make intravenous access easier and straightforward. It is marketed by the name ‘Accuvein’. Imagine when you are planning to gain intravenous access in an individual; ... Read More »

Choosing Medicine for the right reasons.

It is important to have realistic dreams and clear idea of your priorities when choosing a career.

We recently received an article in which a 15-year-old medical school aspirant expressed the reasons that led to her choosing medicine as a career.It is always heart warming to see enthusiasm and passion for this profession, and I am sure that our young author has a very bright future in medicine.After reading this delightful piece of creativity, I was forced ... Read More »

USMLE Exam Experience – Handling the Day of the Exam!

Strong focus and self-control will help you hit the bull's eye!

The USMLE exams are probably one of the longest and the scariest devils that you will ever face as a doctor. These exams can be your greatest achievement leading to a fruitful career, if handled with a cool mind and the right attitude. I am sharing my USMLE Exam Experience in order to help people reach their goals. Medicine is ... Read More »

Physician Dissatisfaction- A Prescription for your Doctor’s pain.

Be prepared to take the Leap of Faith with your Doctor.

In the recent times Physician Dissatisfaction has become a potentially inflating issue. What was considered one of the most majestic and noble professions has been tarnished with discontent and frustration. Let us try and shed some light on the problems that a doctor faces and how a patient can help boost his doctor’s confidence. History When we think in retrospect ... Read More »

Cerebral Palsy- A cause of Plight and Unite

A picture guiding towards good medical practice for sensitive cases such as cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy in simple terms is a disorder of the brain that is caused due to damage to the developing fetal or infant brain. If you are in search of an article listing the types and classes of cerebral palsy then you are probably on the wrong page. This article is merely a recollection of an incident in my life ... Read More »

Building and maintaining trust between Doctors and Patients

An Image depicting the Circle of Trust between Doctors and Patients.

In today’s day and age of information technology and mass communication, there is a steady decline in trust between a doctor and his patient. Let us try and divulge the causes of this decline using this scenario. Prologue A 46-year-old man anxiously waits in the sitting area, nervous about the encounter that lays ahead. He is contemplating replies to the ... Read More »

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