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Dilip Rajasekharan- Executive Editor and Author
Dr.Dilip Rajasekharan is a graduate of Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, a reputed college of the Manipal University family. An advocate of Health Literacy, Dilip has spent countless hours volunteering in the underprivileged areas spreading health education. A keen researcher and prolific writer, he has penned more than eighty articles on Patient Education. A true follower of the teachings of William Osler, he aspires to practice that medicine which not only treats the patient but also improves all facets of a patient’s life. A competitive swimmer and accomplished mountain climber, he propounds the need for spreading ones wings and incorporation of multiple tenets to one’s life in the quest for happiness.


It is no surprise that child sexual abuse is rampant in today’s world. A recent poll suggested that one in ten children are abused before age eighteen. While it is more reported today, we are no closer to solving the problem than we were decades ago. To get a magnitude of the problem, Townsend and Rheingold suggest thinking of it ... Read More »

Vital Checklist Mentorship Program

What is Vital Checklist Mentorship Program? Please contact Amanda Joy, program co-ordinator of VitalChecklist for information on  Step 2 Clinical Skills Workshop conducted by Dr. Harpreet Singh. The  USMLE Step 2 CS workshop will be held at Baymont Inn, Houston.   Read More »


IMPORTANCE OF EXERCISE “Health is Wealth”. There would be few amongst us who would have not heard this all famous quote. Since the dawn of time, man has always shown his superiority over fellow men by feats of physical prowess.  The importance of fitness is imbibed in us by a very early age. Indeed most childhood memories do consist of ... Read More »

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