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Dr. Harpreet Singh - Chief Editor
Dr. Singh MD FACP is truly a “Doctor in no hurry.” He has pledged loyalty to the noble cause of educating and empowering patients to understand their disease and fight back. He believes in giving the patients control of their health, and enabling them to understand the “Why” of their problem. He has gained wide popularity by his courteous and empathetic approach towards patient care and envisions a complete hassle free patient experience. He uses easy to remember checklists, which chunk the important facts about the disease in a day-to-day acronym. The ultimate goal is to make the patient aware of the risks and benefits of their actions, enabling them to be ready when calamity strikes, or to avoid it altogether.

How to create a residency Rank Order List?

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Dr.Harpreet Singh is a practicing internal medicine doctor, co-host of Talk Medicine Radio on Big Country 100.9 WWBR,  a wellness coach, speaker, author, a USMLE Instructor and coaches Step 2 Clinical Exams has written this article. He is a founder of Vital Checklist and He has not been paid by any pharmaceutical companies nor endorses any medications. ... Read More »

Why medical students fail in USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam?

 Live training sessions Vital Checklist Workshop at Houston Why medical students fail in USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam? USMLE Step 2 CS exam has three components—Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE), Spoken English Proficiency (SEP) and Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS). Students appearing for Step 2 CS test have to pass all the components in one sitting. As a USMLE Instructor, ... Read More »

“What are your goals?”- The million dollar Residency Interview Question

Aim for your target with focus and dedication!

Residency program directors are not just looking for the people who will work for you. They are looking for the people who have set short-term goals and long-term vision well planned out. Never go to residency interview without preparation. You have spent so much time and money to get those 5-10 interviews, all this hard work could be wasted just ... Read More »

How to win patients?- ViCTOPE Approach To Patient Education

Tangible Touchpoint for Explaining Diabetes.

Can we really win patients? Well, there are apps to make a patient’s life easier and maybe technology will help us win patients. However, trust with patients develops when we spend time with them. Just handing over a pamphlet, checking a box in an electronic health record and fulfilling the benchmarks is not going to help. What exactly will help? ... Read More »

How to score good marks in USMLE Step 1?

How to score good marks in USMLE Step 1?

Every student is different. Every body has different learning style. Some are voracious readers but they are not able to score good marks in USMLE. This is all because they are not able to transfer the data from short-term memory to long-term memory and vice versa. To score good marks you have to repeat to remember and remember to repeat. ... Read More »

Patient Experience Versus Buying Hierarchy

Patient Experience-The F.R.C.P. Approach

Patient Experience=Functionality + Reliability + Convenience According to the Buying Hierarchy model elaborated by the Windermere Associates, most customers follow these following phases.This has been cited in the Cited in Christensen, C.M (1997) in his book-The Innovators Dilemma.Functionality- First and foremost the customers are looking for the functionality first. If no body else can provide that service or product, customers ... Read More »

How to prepare for USMLE Step 2 CK?


I have been asked about how to prepare for the USMLE Step 2 CK exam. Though we only train students to pass their Step 2 CS exam in first attempt in our Vital Checklist Workshop but I wanted to provide a list of books, websites and videos, which students can use for their preparation for this exam. During the entire ... Read More »

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