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Dr Rachit Chawla is a Medical Author with the Vital Checklist and an aspiring pediatrician. He believes that explaining the ‘why’ of the problem to every patient is very important to help them make an informed decision about themselves and for their family. Hence he loves contributing to books and writing articles to help reach information to the target population in the simplest way possible. He believes in a holistic approach to medicine respecting the principles of diverse multicultural patient population. He tries to reach out, spending more time with patients in distress and make them cheerful as a positive mind improves the outcome. He is an avid researcher and is currently working in Pediatric Vascular Neuroscience lab at New York Medical College. He has also presented his research at national and international conferences. He loves volunteering for kids at different organizations involved in patient education. Voracious reading helps him to keep abreast his knowledge as it is rightly said “Your eyes see only what your mind knows”. He spends his free time playing tennis, cooking, travelling and listening to music.


ROLE OF PHYSICIAN IN MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS PATIENT- A YOUNG PHYSICIAN’S PERSPECTIVE A physician plays an eminent role in chronic diseases for which treatments are not curative. Multiple sclerosis as of now is one of those diseases. It is a chronic neurological disorder that damages the myelin sheath of the nerves i.e. it affects the nerves and damages their information delivery ... Read More »

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