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  • Himanshu Deshwal- Assistant Editor

    Himanshu Deshwal- Assistant Editor

    Dr. Himanshu Deshwal is a fresh graduate out of a reputed medical school in India, the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. Dr. Deshwal is an active researcher constantly on the look out for projects that may help him hone his talents and abilities to the next level. Being an active sportsman he understands the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare and wellbeing. He has been a keen advocate of following an active lifestyle in midst of our busy lives.
  • Dr Ankur Sinha - Executive Editor

    Dr Ankur Sinha - Executive Editor

    Dr Ankur Sinha is a budding physician. He is an avid researcher and finds solace after his hours at work, in putting his thoughts into words. He advocates upheaval of set practices and blind notions using science and research. He strongly believes that " When you work for your passion, your life becomes an endless vacation"
  • Dr. Harpreet Singh - Chief Editor

    Dr. Harpreet Singh - Chief Editor

    Dr. Singh MD FACP is truly a “Doctor in no hurry.” He has pledged loyalty to the noble cause of educating and empowering patients to understand their disease and fight back. He believes in giving the patients control of their health, and enabling them to understand the “Why” of their problem. He has gained wide popularity by his courteous and empathetic approach towards patient care and envisions a complete hassle free patient experience. He uses easy to remember checklists, which chunk the important facts about the disease in a day-to-day acronym. The ultimate goal is to make the patient aware of the risks and benefits of their actions, enabling them to be ready when calamity strikes, or to avoid it altogether.
  • Dilip Rajasekharan- Executive Editor and Author

    Dilip Rajasekharan- Executive Editor and Author

    Dr.Dilip Rajasekharan is a graduate of Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, a reputed college of the Manipal University family. An advocate of Health Literacy, Dilip has spent countless hours volunteering in the underprivileged areas spreading health education. A keen researcher and prolific writer, he has penned more than eighty articles on Patient Education. A true follower of the teachings of William Osler, he aspires to practice that medicine which not only treats the patient but also improves all facets of a patient’s life. A competitive swimmer and accomplished mountain climber, he propounds the need for spreading ones wings and incorporation of multiple tenets to one’s life in the quest for happiness.
  • Level Bronze Contributor
  • Rachit Chawla

    Dr Rachit Chawla is a Medical Author with the Vital Checklist and an aspiring pediatrician. He believes that explaining the ‘why’ of the problem to every patient is very important to help them make an informed decision about themselves and for their family. Hence he loves contributing to books and writing articles to help reach information to the target population in the simplest way possible. He believes in a holistic approach to medicine respecting the principles of diverse multicultural patient population. He tries to reach out, spending more time with patients in distress and make them cheerful as a positive mind improves the outcome. He is an avid researcher and is currently working in Pediatric Vascular Neuroscience lab at New York Medical College. He has also presented his research at national and international conferences. He loves volunteering for kids at different organizations involved in patient education. Voracious reading helps him to keep abreast his knowledge as it is rightly said “Your eyes see only what your mind knows”. He spends his free time playing tennis, cooking, travelling and listening to music.
  • Gurmeet Singh

    Manager - Digital Marketing
  • Dr. Avantika Singh - Executive Editor

    I am a recent medical graduate, author, blogger, researcher and speaker. I am currently pursuing research in neonatal neurology.
  • Gagan Ahluwalia - Creative Director

    Gagan Ahluwalia - Creative Director

    Gagan Ahluwalia is the Creative Director and Chief Operations Officer at Vital Checklist. Gagan brings his technical excellence and Information technology skills to every project and makes sure everything is done artistically and ‘tastefully’. His years of experience in IT infrastructure, digital marketing and business consultations have distilled into his extremely vigilant eye for detail. He has the ultimate responsibility of making the team’s ideas come to life in an exuberant fashion.

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