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Guidelines for writing in MS word

Since writing in MS word is an indispensable part of our lives, and there is a good amount of book and other publications being written out, it is very IMPORTANT that we all stay on the same page.

I’ve listed out a Video and one Channel which are Official Microsoft training sessions and they teach the right basics I wanted to implant in all of you. After you take these sessions, you will know that you’ve been using Microsoft Word all wrong till now! There are so much sophisticated and “easier” ways of formatting, yet we go “manual” and start doing formatting by hand, which breaks the flow.

The way you guys format text in your word docs is called “formatting overrides” in publication world. Instead we need to use STYLES and apply them to our text. A Word document formatted in this standardized way is extremely easy to convert into Professional publishing software like InDesign, Corel or Quark. Nonetheless, for quick booklets we just finished can just be print ready from within Word, saving time and cost immensely. It even works flawlessly if imported in Google Docs…!

Third important thing! Like users with weaker eyesight have problems typing into small font, increasing the font size is a blunder…Period! use ZOOM instead of increasing the font size, otherwise the page layout, placement of document breaks badly. Zoom is intended for people who have hard time reading small fonts. Please make this a priority for any books that you write in future.

So juniors, please watch this (1) Video and read this (2) Manual for the sake of being a better writers in future. Its going to help you a lot down the line!

So no MANUAL STYLING from today… Use STYLES

Its not just about the fonts! There is a whole “way” to learn how you use Word and write your docs.

1. Office 2013 – 15 Minute Webinar Reasons to use Styles in Word

2. Style basics in Word

More Video on Office: Watch Office 15-Minute Webinars anytime

If any of you have any doubts, we can schedule a personal skype session and get this sorted!

Looking forward you all to be WORD NINJAS soon!

Gagan Ahluwalia
Creative Director — Vital Checklist | iCrush

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