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Innovation in Venous Imaging

With the amount of research going on around the world, fruitful innovations are bound to happen. We report our views on one such development in venous imaging technologies.This is a hand-held imaging device designed to make intravenous access easier and straightforward. It is marketed by the name ‘Accuvein’.

The Accuvein device depicting the visualisation of veins in the arm.

The Accuvein device depicting the visualisation of veins in the arm.

Imagine when you are planning to gain intravenous access in an individual; you have the power to visualize the exact location of the veins so that you a single and accurate needle prick.

How does it work?

This device uses infrared rays to detect the hemoglobin in veins and prepares a map of the veins. This map is projected on the skin overlying the veins.

This is the basic science behind the functioning of the Accuvein device

This is the basic science behind the functioning of the Accuvein device

This device allows accurate visualizations of veins and can be very useful in difficult situations.


• The manufacturing company claims that this device can lead to a 45% decrease in escalation of cannulation to higher trained teams like specialized IV access team.
• They also claim that this make IV access significantly easier in dark skinned individuals, burn victims and obese individuals.
• It is of special benefit in pediatric practice where the child is spared the unnecessary trauma of repeated attempts while gaining IV access.
• There is a significant saving of healthcare allocated dollars as time, energy as well as medical equipment is saved.

We feel that although this device is slightly expensive, it can be well worth it if it saves money and aids in minimizing pain and discomfort to patients.

This product has been developed recently, and more research is needed to evaluate the accuracy of the same.

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Dr Ankur Sinha - Executive Editor
Dr Ankur Sinha is a budding physician. He is an avid researcher and finds solace after his hours at work, in putting his thoughts into words. He advocates upheaval of set practices and blind notions using science and research. He strongly believes that " When you work for your passion, your life becomes an endless vacation"


  1. Harpreet Singh MD

    Ankur- I think this is a great asset to improve patient experience.

  2. Dr Ankur Sinha - Executive Editor

    I absolutely agree Sir! This could make Venepuncture a hassle free process!

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