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Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

  • Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus  —   CSF is not absorbed- A form of communicating hydrocephalus, where CSF pressure is normal.
  • Ventricles are chronically dilated.
  • Clinical symptoms– Triad


  • Diagnosis:
  1. Exclude treatable causes of dementia (e.g. Vitamin B12 deficiency, Hypothyroidism)
  2. Screening Test: CT Scan, MRI Scan
  3. Confirmatory Test:
  4. (Gold Standard) Ventricular Shunting- Diagnostic and therapeutic. Improvement of symptoms on removal of CSF- Not generally done as it is very invasive.
  5. Lumbar Tap is a simple procedure that can be carried out in office settings.
  6. Lumbar drainage- Continuous drainage of CSF (@ 5-10ml/hour) for 2-7 days.

Do not follow up with neuro imaging as ventricular size does not decrease. Follow up on clinical improvement is more important.


  1. Other tests: Cisternography, CSF infusion tests.


  • Treatment: Ventricular shunting
  • Complications of Shunt:

Infections, Seizures, Hemorrhage, Shunt Failure, Peritnonitis in VP shunts, Arrhythmias and systemic emboli due to incorrect catheter placement

  • I-SHAPE (I-Infections, S-Seizure, Shunt Failure, H-Hemorrhage, A-Arrhythmia, P-Peritonitis E-Emboli)


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