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It is no surprise that child sexual abuse is rampant in today’s world. A recent poll suggested that one in ten children are abused before age eighteen. While it is more reported today, we are no closer to solving the problem than we were decades ago. To get a magnitude of the problem, Townsend and Rheingold suggest thinking of it ... Read More »


ROLE OF PHYSICIAN IN MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS PATIENT- A YOUNG PHYSICIAN’S PERSPECTIVE A physician plays an eminent role in chronic diseases for which treatments are not curative. Multiple sclerosis as of now is one of those diseases. It is a chronic neurological disorder that damages the myelin sheath of the nerves i.e. it affects the nerves and damages their information delivery ... Read More »

The Pathogenesis of Addiction


  “What fascinates me about addiction and obsessive behavior is that people who would choose an altered state of consciousness that’s toxic and ostensibly destroys most aspects of your normal life, because for a brief moment you feel okay.”- Moby (musician)   Introduction   Addiction is the need to do something repetitively in order to attain a hedonic/ pleasure state. ... Read More »

Vaccines: The importance of a great discovery


   Introduction In medieval times, infectious epidemics have run riot killing thousands of people. On instances, entire tribes were wiped out and lost with them were their traditions and cultures forever. The great epidemics of measles, smallpox and influenza, have killed more than half of population of many countries back then. Every year the deadly epidemics would recur in different ... Read More »

USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam- My preparation experience


Phase I: My first journey to The US Anxious, petrified and perturbed I was, sitting in the Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India, ready to board my first flight outside the country. It also happened to be the day my USMLE Step 2 CK result would be declared while I would be in mid-air over the ... Read More »

NICU Diaries

Every cloud has a silver lining!

Newborn intensive care unit: Where the life’s struggle begins. I would like to share my experiences while rotating at a tertiary level center of excellence in the field of neonatal intensive care. It is a chilly November morning, which happens to be the World Prematurity Day. The UNICEF has released a report saying 9 in 10 premature babies die if ... Read More »

How to win patients?- ViCTOPE Approach To Patient Education

Tangible Touchpoint for Explaining Diabetes.

Can we really win patients? Well, there are apps to make a patient’s life easier and maybe technology will help us win patients. However, trust with patients develops when we spend time with them. Just handing over a pamphlet, checking a box in an electronic health record and fulfilling the benchmarks is not going to help. What exactly will help? ... Read More »

Physician Dissatisfaction- A Prescription for your Doctor’s pain.

Be prepared to take the Leap of Faith with your Doctor.

In the recent times Physician Dissatisfaction has become a potentially inflating issue. What was considered one of the most majestic and noble professions has been tarnished with discontent and frustration. Let us try and shed some light on the problems that a doctor faces and how a patient can help boost his doctor’s confidence. History When we think in retrospect ... Read More »

Cerebral Palsy- A cause of Plight and Unite

A picture guiding towards good medical practice for sensitive cases such as cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy in simple terms is a disorder of the brain that is caused due to damage to the developing fetal or infant brain. If you are in search of an article listing the types and classes of cerebral palsy then you are probably on the wrong page. This article is merely a recollection of an incident in my life ... Read More »

Building and maintaining trust between Doctors and Patients

An Image depicting the Circle of Trust between Doctors and Patients.

In today’s day and age of information technology and mass communication, there is a steady decline in trust between a doctor and his patient. Let us try and divulge the causes of this decline using this scenario. Prologue A 46-year-old man anxiously waits in the sitting area, nervous about the encounter that lays ahead. He is contemplating replies to the ... Read More »

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