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Choosing Medicine for the right reasons.

It is important to have realistic dreams and clear idea of your priorities when choosing a career.

We recently received an article in which a 15-year-old medical school aspirant expressed the reasons that led to her choosing medicine as a career.It is always heart warming to see enthusiasm and passion for this profession, and I am sure that our young author has a very bright future in medicine.After reading this delightful piece of creativity, I was forced ... Read More »

Why Medicine?- Choosing Medicine as a Profession

Taking the plunge into medicine should be an informed decision- Photo Courtesy Dr Ankur Sinha

Why Medicine? One of the most important decisions we have to take is what we want to do with the rest of our lives. We can spend time weighing the pros and cons of a given career choice, but it may not be an effective way of landing at the desired result. One of the most objective ways to make a decision ... Read More »

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