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The PLAB Route

Time is the Key

Every year thousands of applicants apply for the match after the USMLE. This application is after an investment of at-least 10000$ and years of the prime time of a young Doctor’s life. We are all aware of the match rates and how every year thousands of talented doctors face hardship and unemployment while working for the USMLE dream. I am ... Read More »

Unmatched to Matched- My Journey!

From Left- Dr Singh, Ms Dana Chicklas and Dr Sinha

Every year thousands of U.S. Medical Student Seniors as well as International Medical Graduates (IMG’s) apply for residency and participate in the National Residency Match Program. This is a long and tedious process that involves doling out thousands of dollars, taking several day-long exams and attending several interviews (if you are lucky) all around the US. I know this sounds ... Read More »

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