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How to create a residency Rank Order List?

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Dr.Harpreet Singh is a practicing internal medicine doctor, co-host of Talk Medicine Radio on Big Country 100.9 WWBR,  a wellness coach, speaker, author, a USMLE Instructor and coaches Step 2 Clinical Exams has written this article. He is a founder of Vital Checklist and He has not been paid by any pharmaceutical companies nor endorses any medications. ... Read More »

USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam- My preparation experience


Phase I: My first journey to The US Anxious, petrified and perturbed I was, sitting in the Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India, ready to board my first flight outside the country. It also happened to be the day my USMLE Step 2 CK result would be declared while I would be in mid-air over the ... Read More »

The PLAB Route

Time is the Key

Every year thousands of applicants apply for the match after the USMLE. This application is after an investment of at-least 10000$ and years of the prime time of a young Doctor’s life. We are all aware of the match rates and how every year thousands of talented doctors face hardship and unemployment while working for the USMLE dream. I am ... Read More »

Unmatched to Matched- My Journey!

From Left- Dr Singh, Ms Dana Chicklas and Dr Sinha

Every year thousands of U.S. Medical Student Seniors as well as International Medical Graduates (IMG’s) apply for residency and participate in the National Residency Match Program. This is a long and tedious process that involves doling out thousands of dollars, taking several day-long exams and attending several interviews (if you are lucky) all around the US. I know this sounds ... Read More »

“What are your goals?”- The million dollar Residency Interview Question

Aim for your target with focus and dedication!

Residency program directors are not just looking for the people who will work for you. They are looking for the people who have set short-term goals and long-term vision well planned out. Never go to residency interview without preparation. You have spent so much time and money to get those 5-10 interviews, all this hard work could be wasted just ... Read More »

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