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Why Medicine?- Choosing Medicine as a Profession

Why Medicine? One of the most important decisions we have to take is what we want to do with the rest of our lives. We can spend time weighing the pros and cons of a given career choice, but it may not be an effective way of landing at the desired result. One of the most objective ways to make a decision is by following the WRAP process, as described in the book, Decisive, by the Health Brothers.

The WRAP Approach to Decision Making

Taking the plunge into medicine should be an informed decision- Photo Courtesy Dr Ankur Sinha

Taking the plunge into medicine should be an informed decision- Photo Courtesy Dr Ankur Sinha

W – Widen Your Options 

It is crucial to keep an open mind to new possibilities and opportunities along the way. One should take part in research, internships, and volunteer in the area of interest to see if that is really what you want. If you have always aspired to be a neurologist, it is in your best interest to actually go see the work that they do, and perhaps discover your interest in other specialties as well.

R- Reality-Test Your Assumptions

Why predict when you can know? At times, we tend to favor information that confirms our preconception or hypotheses of it, regardless of whether the information is true. In order to do that, we can contradict our own conclusions about things and challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zones. As a student looking into medicine, you must not assume that the MCAT or USMLE exams will be a barrier along your way. Instead you can figure out what type of skills you need for those exams so you can get a head start on them.

A- Attain Distance Before Deciding

There is also, a need for shift in perspective at times, because we may be caught up with our emotions while making decisions, which doesn’t always lead to a productive result. We can’t let our emotional impulses decide whether or not we would like to become a doctor. We must think of this situation logically, in an objective way, looking at all the rewarding aspects of being a doctor as well as the aspects we may not appreciate entirely.

P- Prepare to be Wrong

Lastly, we need to have a realistic approach to our futures. We don’t know how it is going to unfold in front of us, so it is best to prepare for bad outcomes as well as good ones. We need to have a backup plan for every step we take, because things can go wrong and turn everything upside down if we don’t plan ahead.

Keeping the WRAP Process in mind, I discovered exactly why I wanted to become a physician. When I widen my options through all the vast and profound specialties in this field, I discover how each one can help me solve my purpose. Whichever option I choose, the knowledge and experience can contribute to saving a person’s life. This potential outcome is amazing in itself.

When we think of the medical field, the immediate thought that comes to mind is helping people heal and solving complex problems. However, apart from healing, I am enamored by the constant learning required in this profession. Medicine is truly a field where there is a scope of constant improvement in knowledge. The fact that it is so intellectually stimulating invigorates me to continue through the process with more energy and motivation.

Another gratifying aspect of medicine is that you are constantly interacting with people. There needs to be discipline, adaptability, and empathy towards the patient. It is also imperative to be confident in what you know and have a positive outlook for how things may turn out. The mere aspect of a doctor combining these qualities and portraying them with humility is what entices me.

Often while contemplating which path I want to take after I graduate from high school, I think about how tough medical school will be for me, since I am going to devote all my time and energy to the study of the human body and its complexities. However, the important thing is that it pays off. All the hard work from undergraduate school, while taking accelerated classes can really lead up to a remarkable result. It would be one of the most exhilarating experiences for a pre-med student to find out that he or she has gotten into medical school!

Overall, medicine creates a vital purpose to live. I say that because when you are a physician, you have the responsibility to care for your patient and therefore, a vital reason or objective, which is towards a noble cause of humanity. Also, one of the most beneficiary aspects of medicine is that it unlocks the secrets of the complex human body. There so much that we do to our bodies, without knowing the adverse effects of it on our health. Medicine removes this ignorance and allows us to tap into a deeper level of understanding.

If one can commit to medicine and become dedicated to it, then he or she can definitely take on the challenge. Commitment comes in when a physician has to spend long hours on duty and dedication is the drive that allows them to do so. Incorporating these qualities is what forms an outstanding result.


This article has been written by Ms Akriti Keswani, an extremely talented 15 year old girl. Akriti is gearing up to take the plunge into Medicine and dreams of becoming an outstanding Doctor in the coming years. She has shared her fresh and intuitive approach to the reason behind choosing medicine as her career. 

Ms Akriti is a regular blogger and pens her thoughts on her very own blog 

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