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Meredith | What makes Dr Singh unique in his medical profession

Dr. Harpreet Singh is far past where this world is when it comes to caring, talking to patients and caring for their needs. This includes the whole person, mind, body, spirit and soul. In medicine today it is go, go , go! Dr. Singh stops and shows concern and passion towards his patients. He is truly vested in each person. What makes Dr. Singh unique is that he gives all his patients that direct contact they require by listening and then works at meeting their needs. This sets him apart from other professionals in the medical industry. Dr. Singh is the best kept secret in the medical world.

Meredith Social Worker| Social Worker discusses her first impression of Harpreet Singh MD

My first impression of Dr. Harpreet Singh is he blew me away, states Medical Social Worker Meredith. I loved having him at our facility because the patients were going to get outstanding care from someone who is full of love and compassion, not just having the medical knowledge to fix them. Dr. Singh is full of life and compassion.

Meredith Social Worker | Dr Singh is fully devoted to his patients

When Dr. Singh is seeing my patients he is fully devoted to their entire care. As the Social Worker at the facility I was also the liaison between the patients, staff and doctors. Having Doctor Singh on site was wonderful because so many Doctors from around the area already knew of him and felt comfortable having him treat their patients. Harpreet was also there to help answer any questions I may have and guiding me in helping the patients. It is a benefit to having him apart of our facility and part of our team.

Social Worker | describes Dr. Singh as a Family Man with Compassion

Social Worker Meredith shares a personal story about Dr. Harpreet Singh regarding his family. Through Meredith's description you feel the compassion, pride and joy Dr. Singh has toward his family. It shows how he integrates his passion and love both in his profession, but more importantly his family. This is a real-life patient experience. Informed consent was given by the people in this video.

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