Vital Checklist

Sources and Inspirations


Dedicated to my wife-Aroma who supported me throughout this venture. As they say “Behind every successful man there is a woman”, for me undoubtedly it is my wife. However, to be more successful you need more estrogen power, and for me I am fortunate to have two more fantastic women; my mother Ajit and my sister-in-law Smita. My mother sacrificed her entire life and pleasures to see me successful. She used to save every penny so that it could be utilized for my education. Her constant encouragement, prayers and firm belief in the Almighty has been extremely instrumental in my success. My sister-in-law Smita has always kept me on my toes and given me a helpful guidance each and every time.

Every person has a role model in his or her life whether he/she is father, mother, sister, brother, teacher, uncle or aunt, however; I have been blessed with a superb, kind hearted man, my elder brother, Dr. H.Paul Singh, who is a cardiologist by profession. He has been my teacher, guide and a father figure in my life. Without him, I would not have gotten the chance to fulfill my dream of becoming a physician.


Thank you everybody in my extended family for showering all their blessings.
Thank you, my cutie pies, my daughters-Suhani and Sanjhvi.

- Harpreet Singh MD


I also owe to all my friends, teachers and other influential people. Without their blessings this would have not been possible.

Though many teachers have helped me reach where I am today but if I start mentioning about each one of them, that would take upon entire book. Some teachers who left a permanent memory are:

most inpiring book

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Inspirational look at why Dr. Singh became a doctor and teacher. Dr.Singh used to stutter and was not able to speak even his name. He used to see his brother-Paul Singh taking care of patients and explaining his patients. It came to Dr.Singh's mind that if he talks he would be able to overcome stuttering. At that time transformation happened he wanted to become a doctor and help people.
  • Dr. H.Paul Singh (Cardiologist-West Michigan Cardiology)
  • Dr. Conrad Fischer (Internal Medicine-Kaplan)
  •  Dr. Jeffery Wilt (Pulmonologist-Borgess Health)
  • Dr. Mimi Emig (Infectious Disease-Spectrum Health)
  • Dr. Timothy Fritz (Cardiologist-Spectrum Health)
  • Dr. Tejinder Mander (Cardiologist-West Michigan Cardiology)
  • Dr. Jihad Mustapha (Cardiologist-Metro Health)
  • Dr. Greg Golladay (Orthopedics-OA Michigan)
  • Dr. Timothy Daum (Pulmonologist- Spectrum Health)
  • Dr. Jennifer Krause (Hospitalist-IPCM)
  • Dr. Naseer Khan (Internist & Hospitalist-Saint Mary’s Hospital)
  • Dr.Shaukhat Khan (Gastroenterology)
  • Dr.Asif Azeem (Gastroenterology) 
  • Dr. Doug Apple (Hospitalist-Spectrum Health)
  • Dr. Abha Verma (Hospitalist-Spectrum Health)
  • Dr. Simin Beg (Hospitalist-Spectrum Health)
  • Dr. Malar Vasanthan (Hospitalist-Spectrum Health)
  • Dr. James Baron (Hospitalist-Spectrum Health)
  • Dr. Lawrence Feenstra (Internist-Spectrum Health)
  • Dr.Rima Shah  (Internist-Spectrum Health)
  • Dr.Jeeva Subramaniam (Internist-Spectrum Health)
  • Dr. Carlos Tavera  (Internist-Spectrum Health)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Neubig (Internist-Spectrum Health)
  • Dr.Bernard Eisenga (Internist-Spectrum Health)

I would also like to specially thanks:

  • Dr. A.k.Handa (my Botany teacher at Arya College, Ludhiana)
  • Dr. Vivek Pandey (MS-Orthopedics, my one year senior and my guide in medical school)

Both of whom deserve a special mention as they have always kept on pushing me harder to aim higher.

Dr.Craig Rosenburg and Dr. Derik King of ECI Healthcare partners deserve special mention for giving me my first opportunity to lead a hospitalist program. What an amazing organization ( to work for? Their philosophy of “People First” is forever etched in my mind, as this is the organization that will walk the talk.

How can a doctor become successful without a supportive nurse?

I am indebted to Joyce Wideman RN, who taught me how, and what to speak, and Emily Smith RN who most importantly taught me what not to speak.
Infinite nurses have helped me to take care of my patients. I am so grateful to all of the nurses of Spectrum Health-Blodget, Butterworth and Big Rapids Hospital who have helped to achieve my goal. How can I forget Three Rivers Health nurses, unit clerks, and chief nursing officer? What a great experience for me to learn and lead a program in a smaller setting? I appreciate all the help provided by Hope Bailey (CNO), Liz Fueling, Karen Long, and many more nurses from Three Rivers Health who supported me in each and every way during my stint at that facility. I am grateful to Mecosta County Nurses and Dena Durante RN for providing valuable feedback.

I have been blessed to meet so many good people at Three Rivers Health-pharmacists (Leonard Darling and crew), social workers (Chris Johnson), physical, occupational and speech therapist but the one person who was extremely helpful was acute care unit clerk- Pattey Lakey. Her passion of reading books really got me started reading all the business books.

I would like to thank my present, past CEOs, Program Director and CNO’s for providing excellent leadership from which I learnt great people skills—

  • Pete Coogan (CEO-GRMEP)
  • Dr.Mark Spoolstra(Program Director-Internal Medicine Residency)
  • Dr. John O'Donnell (Program Director-Internal Medicine Residency)
  • Mr.Richard Breon (CEO- Spectrum Health),
  • Dr. Khan Nedd (CEO-HOWM),
  • Dr.Adam Singer (CEO-IPCM),
  • Dr.Jeffrey Schilinger (CEO-HPPartners),
  • Dr. Girsh Juneja (CEO-MPCP),
  • Bill Rusell (CEO-Three Rivers Health)
  • Robert M.Williams, MD, Dr.PH,FACEP; Chairman of the Board-ECI Healthcare Partners
  • Dr. Craig Rosenberg (Regional Director- ECI Healthcare Partners)
  • Dr.Derik King (President and CEO-ECI Healthcare Partners)
  • Dr.Ken Epstein (CMO-ECI Healthcare Partners),
  • Mr.Sam Daugherty, (CEO-Big Rapids Hospital-Spectrum Health)
  • Netty Cove (CNO-Big Rapids Hospital-Spectrum Health),
  • Hope Bailey (CNO-Three Rivers Health)

Last but not the least, I am thankful to all from whom I learnt the valuable lessons of life. These inspired leaders and their books helped me to attain my goal. Some of them are:
Simon Sinek, Atul Gawande, Charles Duhigg, Jeffery Liker, Josh Kauffmann, Anthony Robins, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Clayton M. Christensen, Douglas Conant, Mette Norgaard, Dave Ramsay, Perry Marshall, John Medina, Michael Gerber, Jim Collins, Oprah Winfrey, Eric Ries, Daniel Pink , Tony Hsieh, Sachin Tendulkar, Eliyahu Goldratt, Gregory Miller, Taiichi Ohno, Quint Studor, Ken Fortier.

This list of acknowledgements is probably incomplete and I apologize for that as many more people, teachers and coaches have influenced my life.

Dale Carnegie, Vital Smarts, Net Plus Connections Coaching and Workshops trained me to connect positively with people.

Friends are forever! Without close friends it would not have been possible. They encouraged me to through the tough times. Though many people supported me but a few names which were helpful in those times are—Preeti Ahuja, Bhavana Rai, Birinder Ahuja and Amit Sofat in Sacred Heart Convent School; Ashish Chandwani in Arya College; Srirang Abkari, Rishi Swarup, Veerinder Taneja, and many more in KMC, Manipal; and Harjeet S.Dhillon, Atif Rizwan, Nehal Lakhani, Chethan Rajappa, Purvi Patel, Erica Bracamontes-Woolley for their support in Residency. Many more friends like—Sarabjeet Singh, Jasleen Duggal, Vikas and Sonia Ghai have shown the right prospective of what is important and what is irrelevant.
Thank you everybody, 

- Harpreet Singh MD

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