Vital Checklist Workshop

Lodging and Dining options

Lodging and Dining:

After years of experience, we know the most frequent constraint for students is safe and timely transport in the U.S. Conveyance can be time taking and costly for first time IMGs to the U.S. so we opened our home for the students to stay with us for the duration of the course. This way your whole focus is on the course and learning, and no worries about reaching at time.
This also comes out to be very economical also. We’ve arranged everything under one roof, you just need come to Grand Rapids and we will take care of the rest.
The other question that usually comes to mind is whether it is professional to hold workshop at home. This is true that we want to portray as highly professional organization but our main goal is to make sure that students pass their USMLE Exam in first attempt.
Snacks and food will be provided. Please provide the food preference. We believe that relationship is based on trust and integrity and we pledge to provide maximum value for your money.

You can stay with us;
but if you really want to stay in a hotel we are associated with Holiday Inn Express

Snacks, food, shelter, Internet, phone are all-inclusive.

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