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Meera Shastry

Dr. Singh, I would sincerely like to thank you for your valuable help and guidance with the match process. The personal interest that you take in guiding FMGs who are new in the territory of USMLE is highly commendable. I am very fortunate to have the right person guiding me with the preparation of personal statement. Although I had the experience, I struggled to express them effectively. I appreciate the fact that despite your busy schedule, you found time to discuss over phone in detail about my experience and got to know me as a person and as a doctor. I think this helped greatly towards making a very genuine and effective personal statement. I am also very grateful for the opportunity that you provided to me with the publication of an article in a leading journal and also the coaching towards interview process. The help that you provide with externship/observership helps us get into the highly competitive system with an edge. I would like to say that Vital Checklist serves as a guiding light not only with the preparation for USMLE steps but also beyond in residency. I also thank Mrs. Aroma Singh for being very understanding and helpful through the process of the telephone interview despite your vacation.

I whole heartedly recommend you to all my dear friends who are looking for guidance with the preparation for this mammoth task as you have been extremely approachable and helpful in this regard.

Personal Statement should be well and truly personal. We are here to help medical students with their personal statements. Before you start writing a personal statement, we would like the medical students to see talk from Simon Sinek. We were so inspired about this and our entire philosophy of this workshop is based on the Principles of Start with Why.

When you start writing a personal statement, always start with why and then answer the how followed by what of the problem.

To write a successful story or personal essay follow the 6 Principles described in Made to Stick by Heath Brothers.

Principle 1


Principle 2


Principle 3


Principle 4


Principle 5


Principle 6


They summarize these 6 principles in one sentence-

Simple Unexpected Concrete Credentialed Emotional Story.


Please contact us at if you would like us to write a personal statement for you.

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