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Dr. Sweta Kochar M.B.B.S(AIIMS-India) | How to pass Step2CS exam on first attempt

Dr.Sweta Kochar - M.B.B.S(AIIMS-India) is in now a 3rd year resident. She shares how Dr. Singh's training for the Step2CS exam helped her pass with the first attempt. And more importantly how it is still helping her today.

Dr. Sweta Kochar M.B.B.S(AIIMS-India) | How Step2CS exam helps with Residency

"Doctor Sweta Kochar MD is in her third year of residency at the time of this interview. Learn first hand how Dr. Harpreet Singh's training for the Step2CS Exam helps you during residency.

Dr. Sweta Kochar | Step2CS Exam helps with interviews

During your Step2CS training, Dr. Singh trains you in the interview process, both for your residency, but also for your first job. At the time of this interview Doctor Sweta Kochar MD is in her third year of residency. Dr. Kochar not only passed her exam the first time, the skills she learned from Dr. Singh is still helping her today.

Dr. Sweta Kochar | Step2CS training provides skills for patient care

Learn first hand how to deal with patients and to provide them the best experience you can. Your training for the Step2CS exam is more than just passing the test, skills are taught that will help you for life. At the time of this interview Doctor Sweta Kochar MD is in her third year of residency. Dr.Kochar is pass out of AIIMS-the most prestigious medical institute in India.

Aroma | as Standardized Patient taking Vital Checklist Step 2 CS Test

"Dr. Harpreet Singh founder of Vital Checklist has developed an easy way to teach medical students and help them with their Standardized Patient Clinical Scenario and Step 2 CS exam. Medical students have the medical know how, but need coaching in how to extract the history from standardized patient for the USMLE Step 2 CS test. To pass the clinical scenario is tough and this is where Aroma Singh steps in. You see, Aroma is one of the toughest standardized patients you will encounter. Dr. Singh says if a medical student can pass her clinical scenario... they are ready. If she says ""NO"", more preparation is given to the student for free. At Vital Checklist our reputation is at stake and we believe that if student fails to pass in the first attempt then it is not the student who had failed, we have failed in that mission. You will not find a better team then Aroma and Dr. Singh is helping you pass the Step 2 CS exam. Contact Vital Checklist today."

Aroma as SP | Vital Checklist Step 2 CS Exam - Coaching for Standardize Patient Clinical Scenario

Dr. Harpreet Singh has developed an easy way to teach medical students and help them with their standardize patient clinical scenario and the Step 2 CS exam. Aroma Singh also challenges the students as she is one of the toughest standardize patients you will ever see. Contact Vital Checklist to sign up today for your personal coaching.

Dr. Singh | giving a feedback himself

Vital Checklist believes in Goldratt's Theory of Constraints and this is how we focus on-1 Student, 1 Problem at one time. Once that constraint is broken then only we start focusing on the next constraint. Recognizing the bottlenecks is important and we measure them first before we can break them. As per Peter Drucker- What gets measured gets managed? We will measure your constraints, make videos, give side-by-side feedbacks. Email us- hi@vitalchecklist.com

Neha | Vital Checklist Workshop Student

"Learn a new way to Success www.vitalchecklist.com VITAL CHECKLIST'S WORKSHOP FOR USMLE STEP 2 CS EXAM A comprehensive workshop that trains you with a different approach towards medicine, Secure your residency! Shine out in your practice! Why you should pass Step 2 CS Exam in the first attempt? Patients grade every health caregiver on their HCAHPS score or CAHPS Score. In fact, soon the reimbursement of caregivers, hospitals and outpatient clinics will all be dependent on their HCAHPS score. The vital component in HCAHPS and CAHPS score is communication, interpersonal skills and proactively answering to the needs of the patients thus improving the patient's experience. USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills has the same elements as of HCAHPS score and thus passing this exam in the first attempt becomes a big constraint, or rather, it becomes an important link to start residency. Vital Checklist is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based center and specializes in training medical students and medical graduates to pass Step 2 CS exam in their first attempt. Our goal is to make you proficient in history taking, clinical and communication skills, and most importantly to help you to recognize your constraints before you appear for this Step 2 CS exam as failing this exam is not an option. Our reputation is at stake and we don't want that to suffer. We will be providing constant feedback and if you are not ready for the exam you will be asked to postpone the exam. We take pride in one-on-one coaching and have strong principles of providing an honest feedback."

Amit Javed | STEP2CS Coaching

What a Vital Checklist student has to say about the Vital Checklist coaching, Harpreet Singh MD as a trainer and Aroma Singh as a standardized patient. Vital Checklist center is a home away from the home. It is life long partnership. Vital Checklist Step 2 CS coaching is a unique program. Dr.Javed is pass out of PGIMER-Chandigarh from where he did MS and MCh from AIIMS. He will be starting his fellowship soon in USA.

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