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Leah S.


Thanks so much for all your support and blessings to you all as we all traverse this journey together. It is with your love and compassion and help that I will be able to forge ahead into renewed strength and wellness. read more...

Well, it was a wild 48 hours, but here I am now at home with a whole new life plan. As I mentioned, they started the chemo for me in the hospital since it is necessary to treat this situation strongly and immediately. The diagnosis is Plasma Cell Leukemia and in my situation, it is well advanced with 35 to 40% of my circulating blood involved, which means that the "blood gone wild" as I think of it, is affecting most of my body. So it's necessary to really go after this with all images of light and love and healing. And lots and lots of medicine. We're still sorting out the schedule for the meds. Jennie, Pete and Lucinda are helping get that in order.

The goal of all this is to clean up the circulating blood first which might take 4 to 6 rounds of chemo and then reevaluate with the hope that a stem cell transplant (with my own cells, cleaned and beautified) will clean out the source of the problem which is that that my bone marrow is "marrow gone wild" too. So, step by step, here we go. My next chemo session is in GR on Monday, orientation to the process, the addition of Revlamid, a clinical trial drug for this kind of situation and learning the protocol. I'll be receiving my chemo in Grand Rapids and it will mean a lot of trips, so those looking to volunteer driving a trip or two in the next months would be very welcome once we set up a schedule.

Jennie is here until Wednesday. She and Pete and Lucinda get the children of the year award for how gracefully they are handling this.

The chemo protocol suggests no flowers, no milk products, and no spicy or greasy food and even goes so far as to say that cold or room temperature foods are tolerated better. Not sure what that means yet. Lots of questions for the first outpatient visit on Monday. The doc heading all of this up is Nehal Lakhani. I have thought often in the last couple days that if my MD here in Big Rapids, Dr. Harpreet Singh had not been on the ball, and this could have all been a quick ride to the end, as the prognosis without treatment was 2-4 months. Yikes, yikes. Bless his detective skills and his compassion which kept him searching for an explanation for the fast downhill slide.

Now, onward and upward. We now laughingly say that we are focused only on "pretty, pretty plasma, healthy, vibrant, strong and clean, well- functioning plasma cells lighting up my body with health and vitality.

Visitors are certainly welcome, but not with any cold, etc. germs or having been around live vaccines (like for grandchildren) in the past two weeks. Thanks so much for all your support and blessings to you all as we all traverse this journey together. It is with your love and compassion and help that I will be able to forge ahead into renewed strength and wellness.

Cindi Whitney-Dilley | Whitney Recruitment, LLC


It gives me great pleasure to be writing a reference for Dr. H. Singh. I have enjoyed knowing Dr. Singh and working with him these past years. As a Physician Recruiter, I come in contact with physicians of all specialties, shapes and sizes and I can tell you that Dr. Singh's clinical skills, and bedside manner are among the finest. In my opinion, anyone would be in good hands if Dr. Singh was handling them as a physician or in any business venture. I continue to be amazed at his great outlook on life in general and can tell you his reputation with patients is wonderful. This is thanking Dr. Singh for the pleasure of knowing him, and wishing him success in the future.

Cindi Whitney-Dilley
Whitney Recruitment, LLC

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