Testimonials from Real Life Patients

Patients share their experience...

These are real-life patient experiences.
A Duly Informed Consent was given by the people appearing in these videos.

Barb | Doctor Singh has changed my families life

Dr.Singh has used the same techniques for his real life patients and standardized patients. He developed his program for foreign medical graduates and medical students appearing in USMLE Step 2 CS exam and because of this program he perfected his clinical and communication skills for real patients. Dr Singh enjoys medicine and taking care of his patients is his first passion. There is a difference between someone just doing their job and someone that really cares about you, check out what Barb has to say about her experience with Dr.Singh. Subscribe to Vital Checklist YouTube Channel.

Barb | This is not cookie cutter medicine

Through listening and education Dr. Singh goes the extra mile with his patients. Takes the time to explain and teach you what is going on in your body. He does not use cookie cutter medicine and put you in a category but he tries to explore what is going on.

Barb | Vital Checklist Program described by a real patient

"When I learned more about how Dr. Singh wants to reach out to teach and educate more than the people he can physically touch. I was impressed with his ‘Vital Checklist’ approach.

Gail | a Real Patient Talks about Diabetes

This real patient shares her experience with Doctor Singh. She talks about 'Lets Crush Diabetes'. How Dr. Singh goes the extra mile to inform and educate his patients. Harpreet Singh is the founder of Vital Checklist. This is a real-life patient experience.

Leah | Dr. Singh is a Great Detective

Due to Dr. Singh’s great detective work - Leah is alive today. Most Doctors would have stopped with the first big problem they found… not Dr. Singh. Check this one out - amazing!

Leah. S | Plasma cell leukemia - Dr Singh provides hope

According to the Oncologist, "If Dr. Singh did not dig deeper into her case she would have only had 2-4 months." Dr.Singh provided hope and was not satisfied with the diagnosis of heart failure. He kept on looking for the reason and found that she had leukemia. This is a real-life patient experience.

Kathleen | your next new patient

"I was not very comfortable when I first met with Dr. Singh and having to share personal information about my body". Hear how this patient became the next new patient of Dr. Singh. How the treatment and methodology affected her perception.

Jenny | A Daughter's Story - Mom has Plasma cell leukemia & Congestive heart failure

A daughter's Story - Dr Singh, the Investigator. Jenny’s mom was first diagnosed with Congestive heart failure. Dr. Singh figured there was something more. That is when he found that her mom had Plasma cell leukemia. According the to the Oncologist “without Dr. Singh digging deeper into her case your mom would have only had 2-4 months”.

Dr. Singh is "Dr. House with a good Personality"

"In this real patient experience video Jenny shares her experience with Dr. Singh as he treated her mother with congestive heart failure and leukemia. She refers to Dr. Singh as 'House' with a good personality.
Educate yourself. Dr. Harpreet Singh is the CEO / Founder of Vital Checklist.

Dr. Singh's heart is for people first, medicine second

We often go from one specialist to another making it hard to coordinate all the symptons together. Dr. Singh takes his investigative style and looks at every element. According to Jenny, with the trust Dr. Singh has earned after treating her mother, she is now having him look at her daughters health issues. Dr. Singh's heart is for people first, medicine second.

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