Testimonials from Real Life Patients

Patients share their experience...

These are real-life patient experiences.
A Duly Informed Consent was given by the people appearing in these videos.

Val's belief | Consulting for Diabetes and Dementia

We are going to continue with Dr. Harpreet Singh because we are really happy. Val, the wife of one of his patients. Dr. Singh's two fold knowledge of Diabetes and Dementia is a blessing. This combination is tough to treat and it is great for us that he knows and understands how to care for my husband. Dr. Singh is not just interested in my husband and I, but the entire family. He wants to know that I have the help and support at home to care for my husband.

Val (Wife of Patient)- Husband has Diabetes and Early Onset Alzheimer's

Wife of Dr. Singh's patient discusses the treatment of her husband who has Early Onset Alzheimers and Diabetes. What I really like about Dr. Singh's and what really makes me feel comfortable is: he gets out his pen and paper and explains things for me to understand.

Kathy | How Doctor Singh Saved My Big Toe

Kathy explains how Dr.Singh was helpful to her. With Dr.Singh you feel like you are not the number but you are the patient. He communicates well with his patients. Dr.Singh is kind of a doctor that you can really count on him.

Kathy | as a Patient refers Dr. Harpreet Singh

Dr.Singh is different. He keeps on looking for answers until he figures out the problem.

Kathy as a patient says Dr. Singh is really there to help

Patient Experience is Dr.Singh's Expertise. Kathy discusses about the real patient experience and her experience with Dr.Harpreet Singh. It is totally different type of relationship with Dr.Singh.

Manmonhan | Medical impressed with Dr. Singh's personal approach

Patient explains how he was helped by Dr.Singh. Dr.Singh has a personalized approach. When I went to him he will sit with and discuss with you the details of the disease process. He considers you as a friend.

Manmohan (Hindi) | Patient Care - Why of the problem and not What of the problem

A real patient describe his experience with Dr. Harpreet Singh. Dr.Singh explains the patient "Why" of the problem and not the "What" of the problem. Dr.Singh uses the checklist methodology, pictures to explain the patient. His "Why Clinic" Program for helping international patients will give them an opportunity to discuss with him their problems. Contact Dr.Harpreet Singh for second opinion at drsingh@whyclinic.com

Gail & Jim | a Friend's Recommendation for Doctor Singh

In this video two friends share the power of one friend helping another in the care of his wife. Dr. Singh is the founder of Vital Checklist. This is a real-life patient experience.

Jim - A Real Patient's Experience

Dr. Singh takes the time to listen. If patient don't understand he finds a way to put it in layman's terms so we do understand. I would highly recommend him. Dr. Harpreet Singh is the founder of Vital Checklist.

Jim| Understanding Labels for better Nutrition

"Understanding the three S's of the nutrition labels is what Dr. Singh teaches. Take control of your diet, learn to eat healthy. Nutrition is key.

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