Testimonials from Real Life Patients

Patients share their experience...

These are real-life patient experiences.
A Duly Informed Consent was given by the people appearing in these videos.

Nancy as a Daughter of patient shares experience

Nancy is the daughter of Dr.Singh's patient. In this video she shares her experience. Learn more about the Why Clinic second opinion portal at www.vitalchecklist.com. Dr.Singh believes in patient experience when caring for patients in the healthcare field. He believes that patient loyalty will automatically follow if we think about the patient first. Nancy was really impressed with his gentleness. Dr.Singh is caring and has excellent ability to communicate with the patients. Dr.Singh's mission is Love Communicating with patients and he wants to train the same methods to his medical students and physician assistant students. Dr.Singh uses same coaching methodology for real-life and standardized patients.

Nancy as a Wife of patient

Nancy is the wife of Dr.Singh's patient and shares her experience in this video. Here is her story. Dr.Singh saw Nancy's husband for pre-operative consultation. Dr.Singh explained with help of pictures and communicated so well that they were able to understand each and every instruction he gave. Dr.Singh uses his Vital Checklist to elaborate the problems and ask questions from the patients. He uses the same technique to teach his medical students who are appearing for Step 2 Clinical Skills. Subscribe to Vital Checklist YouTube Channel. Visit Free Patient education videos.

Nancy as a Co-Worker Sharing her experience

A co-workers perspective of Dr. Singh. He is caring and very knowledgeable and is concerned about his patients. For more information www.vitalchecklist.com. Patients have noticed and commented on his down to earth mannerism. He likes to draw pictures so that they have easy understanding of their disease process. He is very kind and easy to understand.

What is unique about Dr. Singh | co-worker's perspective

A co-workers perspective of what makes Dr. Singh unique. Informed consent was given for this video.

Char appreciates Dr. Singh for care taken of her Father

Char is the caregiver for her father who has Dementia. She shares how Dr. Harpreet Singh gives his time to the patients. Visit www.vitalchecklist.com for more information. Dr.Singh came in and right away realized that my father was Irish. I was amazed the time he spent. Dr.Singh is unique as he cares about the family. Dr.Singh is tackling the dementia from multiple fronts. He is phenomenal and cares about the patient. Dr.Singh is amazing and he puts my dad at ease. Listen to what caregiver's are saying about Dr.Singh. Informed consent was given for this video.

Char's as a Caregiver | Patient Care by Dr. Singh

"When caregiver Char talks about the care Dr. Singh shows to her father... she was impressed. And, so will you when you watch this video. Visit www.vitalchecklist.com for more information. Dr.Singh is all round positive physician. He actually cares about the patient. I have had plenty of physicians in my life, Dr.Singh stands out. When you leave the office, you are confident about the disease and how to handle this. By showing pictures, he explained what was actually going on. Dr.Singh is all about the patient activation and health literacy. I found that Dr.Singh is complete doctor and I found in one doctor. Just another amazing testimonial from the patient.

Learning Perspective on Dementia

What Char had to learn about dealing with a father with Dementia. Learn one of Dr. Singh's teaching styles and how it help Char explain to her family. Visit www.vitalchecklist.com for more information. Dr.Singh explained the patient daughter how to handle the dementia. I just think that rarely there are special people like Dr.Singh that come in your life. The pictures make it easier. The picture is worth thousand words. Patient's daughter explains how pictures are helpful.

Ed and Bev | a Couple share their story about Dr. Singh

Patients explains how Dr.Singh is so interested in you. Dr.Singh is so thorough and he asks proper questions. Dr.Singh takes time with his patients. He really has interest in his patients. We are having so much good luck with him as he explains. He is complete physician.

Ed | Why I come back to Dr. Singh

An aged Patient explains how Dr.Singh helped him. Dr.Singh is so careful and ask you the pertinent questions for the problem. The first visit was terrific success. He is so careful and gives you undivided attention.

Val | Early Onset Alzheimers and Diabetes - Dr Singh

One of the problems is the daily care for my husband that has Early Onset Alzheimer's and Diabetes. I had never been around anyone with Diabetes before and the things you have to look out for on a daily bases was a learning experience. I felt like the physicians did not realize that I may need help on how to deal with this. Dr. Singh totally understands where I stand with the care of my husband. He also wants to be involved with my care. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Singh. This is a real-life patient experience.

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