Testimonials and Acknowledgements

From students who passed after taking Workshop for USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills

Kar Man Low

student from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am very grateful to Dr. Harpreet Singh, who has helped me to pass my USMLE Step 2 CS examination with first attempt. I truly appreciate his help and guidance throughout my preparation for USMLE Step 2 CS. It has been a great learning experience for me given the diversity of the cases being practiced at the Vital Checklist Workshop. These cases have definitely helped me to be better prepared for my CS examination.

I have benefited greatly from Dr. Singh’s teaching and the interactive sessions on history taking, clinical examination, patient counselling, and discussion of differential diagnoses of most of the potential cases in Step 2 CS examination. He simplified the case clerking in an organised manner, gave clear explanations on each clinical finding and its significance to help us to understand the subject better.

Therefore, I highly recommend Dr. Singh’s CS Workshop to anyone who is currently preparing for step two CS and you should join the free webinar session to experience the teaching.

Hee Kong Fong

student from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Dr. Harpreet Singh,

What a blessing to have you as my teacher for Step 2 CS. Received my CS result yesterday and Yay! I passed!!! I owe you greatly for my success in this exam. Your innovative way of teaching, inspirational talks, sincere advice and your selfless devotion to teaching are what i like the most. Or I should say, I just love being your student.

Without hesitation, I would recommend every USMLE aspirant to join your CS coaching class, not just to pass the CS exam but to learn how to be a good communicator and a likable physician. The one to one attention given in your class cannot never be matched by any other courses outside. Not to mention the felt-like-home and stress-free environment, the great food (aloo paratha!) prepared by your mother and your wife, and the care given by Mrs Singh that answers every single need of us during the class at your home.

My heartfelt thanks to you and your family again and I wish you all the very best in everything!

Rachit Chawla

student from New Delhi, India

Dear Dr Harpreet Singh,

I am super delighted today to pass my step 2 Cs on the first attempt especially being an IMG.

My heartfelt thanks to you for being the guiding force (my guru) behind my Step 2 CS high performance. I loved your unique way of teaching, your innovative mnemonics and your mastery over the subject content. I would highly recommend every one to take his course for not only passing step 2 Cs but also acing it. He will constantly encourage you and make you super confident for the exam. He is a very devoted teacher and mentor for the USMLE. The biggest difference from the other commercial courses is the one to one attention you get because of the small groups in which he teaches. Not to mention about the homely environment and excellent food and efforts put up by his wife Aroma Singh and Dr Singh's mother constantly took care of us like her own children. I am truly grateful and feel lucky to have found him 20 days prior to my exam as I was very nervous about the exam but Dr Singh meticulously dissected my mistakes and corrected all of them. Once again I would like to thank your whole family. God bless you all.

Onkar Khangura

Father of Gaganpreet, Student

STEP 2 CS coaching given by Dr. Singh to my daughter was good and she passing the exam in her first attempt is the testimony of your sincere effort. My daughter was very comfortable staying with your family in your home for four days during the coaching period. Special thanks to Mrs. Singh for taking care of my daughter during the stay.

Suhani Thakral


Dr. Harpreet Singh is an excellent and superb coach. I came to know about Dr. Singh through my very good friend and senior at my medical school who got trained by him and is presently doing residency at Borgess Hospital. She had so many great things to say about him and I only came to know after I came in actual contact with him. I have met many coaches and tutors in my life who will charge money to put you to the right path but what amazed me about him was he did not charge any penny but would reciprocate and guide me through every step in applying for pediatric electives in Chicago. read more...

In fact, we exchange 83 emails between December to March so as to get right electives. You are right I counted the emails to write in this testimonial and he did this without even having met me face-to-face. What a selfless service? I can't believe this still happens in this world. It is very difficult to get right directions from fellow students either because of lack of knowledge or sometimes students don't help because of competition. His encouraging stories, support to my family members and constant encouragement to me have been outstanding. My USMLE journey has become smooth due to Dr. Singh and I can count on him for any answers at any time. Cheers to such a marvelous coach.

Sarabjeet Chhabra


Some experiences in life are hard to sum up in just a few lines. However, when I took the 99 percentile step 2 course by Dr. Harpreet Singh, I was able to write this – “When the heart, the mind and the soul come together to transform steady thoughts into clear words and when those words are put into decisive action, the result of that productivity is 99percentile.md”. read more...

Being an international medical graduate, I could name umpteen numbers of programs offering step 2 CS course in the present era with their services rendered somewhat close to $3000 to $4000 thereby making producing a huge hole in your pocket. What if today I were to tell everyone of you, who are scared, frightened and without a clear overview of the standard protocols about your forthcoming CS exam, that everything you need to know and must know about the step 2 clinical assessment exam can be obtained for a much, much lesser price and that too from a doctor who individualizes every bit of his teaching according to your needs. Wouldn't that sound a lot more comforting and take the load off your chest? The 99 percentile course prepares you to such a level of confidence and perfection that the actual CS exam seems a real easy job to tackle. I can assure and quote that the most of the SPs in the exam would be pleased and have a smile on their faces by your performance at the end of the encounter. I am able to say this by my personal experience. If you decide to take up the course I assure you’ll agree with me and the name 99 percentile will stay with you always, be it your residency or even after that.

So today with brimful of content holding my step 2 CS result in my hands, I will take this opportunity to sincerely and heartedly express my gratitude and thank Dr. Harpreet Singh, Aroma Singh and the 99 percentile members for their effort, time and resources to train me and other colleagues of mine, to help us not only overcome the fear of the exam and believe in ourselves but also to be able to make us pass it with great ease.

See you soon on the other side of CS with 99 percentile as your savior” is all I have to say at the end.

Meera Shastry


Dr. Singh, I would sincerely like to thank you for your valuable help and guidance with the match process. The personal interest that you take in guiding FMGs who are new in the territory of USMLE is highly commendable. I am very fortunate to have the right person guiding me with the preparation of personal statement. read more...

Although I had the experience, I struggled to express them effectively. I appreciate the fact that despite your busy schedule, you found time to discuss over phone in detail about my experience and get to know me as a person and as a doctor. I think this helped greatly towards making a very genuine and effective personal statement.I am also very grateful for the opportunity that you provided to me with the publication of an article in a leading journal and also the coaching towards interview process. The help that you provide with externship/observership helps us get into the highly competitive system with an edge. I would like to say that 99 percentile serves as a guiding light not only with the preparation for USMLE steps but also beyond in residency. I also thank Mrs. Aroma Singh for being very understanding and helpful through the process of the telephone interview despite your vacation.

I whole heartedly recommend you to all my dear friends who are looking for guidance with the preparation for this mammoth task as you have been extremely approachable and helpful in this regard.

Aman Chauhan

Student, KMC, Manipal

I would like to congratulate Dr. Harpreet Singh on his brilliant venture: www.99percentile.md; it is indeed a boon for all the international medical graduates who are preparing for medical residency in the USA. I was fortunate to learn the art of clinical case taking from Dr. Singh. The tips and tricks he offers are of immense help and are not provided in any book or Internet Blog. read more...

I would strongly recommend Dr. Singh’s Clinical Skills Workshop to everyone who wants to go into exam with confidence. His simulated case training is a precise replica of the actual exam and exhaustive personalized training makes the real exam look like an easy task. I would be more than happy to reply to any queries or to share my experience regarding 99Percentile.md workshop. I wish Dr. Singh great success and I hope he reaches out to thousands of struggling IMG’s.

Sweta Kochar


When I scheduled my CS exam date, I was very nervous about what to do next. Being a FMG, I was not sure if my clinical skills were at par with the USMLE standards. Thankfully, I learnt about the 99 Percentile workshop. It was the biggest help! read more...

The training they gave me was excellent and I received an extensive practice on cases. It boosted my confidence and now I feel more prepared, not only for CS but also for clinical electives. The best part was learning all of my mistakes after each case, so that there is no chance of making the same mistakes at the actual USMLE step 2 CS main exam. It's a "must take" course for all who desire to pass their step 2 CS on their first attempt. Thanks for helping.

Bilori Aasht


Dr. Singh, I am very happy to inform you that I have passed my Step 2CS exam. Your thorough training helped me to shed all anxiety. I liked your teaching style. Though initially I was very confident before starting my training at 99 Percentile, but after taking your workshop, I came to know what was really missing. read more...

Your training is going to help me in my residency and will make me a better physician. Dr. Singh, You are an awesome teacher. Your SP’s are great and helped to make me perfect. The lesson I received from your workshop is one of the best lessons in my life. I wish success of your team in every step. God Bless you and your team!

Prabhdeep Dhaliwal


Thank you Dr. Singh, for helping me to pass Step 2CS exam. I have always been afraid of Step 2 CS because three of my friends failed this exam. The way you taught me, all my fears were relieved and I was confident before my exam. Your way of teaching communication skills, including closure and counseling, was awesome. read more...

I remember the first day, when I took my first case in 25 minutes. On the last day of workshop at 99 Percentile, I took only 13 minutes. Your time management technique helped me to gain extra confidence and stay calm and collected. I would recommend anybody and everybody take 99 Percentile. Thanks again for helping.

Deepak Verma


With immense pleasure and gratitude, I wish to inform you that I have passed the CS examination. I owe a lot to the valuable guidance, information and skills taught by you. The self-confidence and courage you instilled in me shuttled me light years ahead of where I was before coming under your influence and training by you. read more...

Your friendly approach, amazing sense of humor and above all genuine concern for me has filled my heart with endless respect and thoughtfulness for you. I highly recommend your guidance to everyone who wishes to pass his or her CS examination in the first attempt, without wasting much time, effort or money. There are other courses who can help with Step 2CS exam, however, if you want help in passing the exam as well as doing well in residency by taking excellent care of patients, than ì99 Percentile is the way to go. Thanks a lot for being my mentor.

Taranjeet S Jolly


I am very pleased to inform you that I have passed my Step 2 CS exam in the 1st attempt. After I finished my Step 2 CK, I only had 16 days to prepare for my Step 2CS exam. I was clueless, scared and shaken, as everybody I met said that to prepare for Step 2 CS in 16 days is like setting yourself up for failure. read more...

My exam was on July 16th, which could not be postponed. I started preparing with a friend of mine who was going to your workshop in Grand Rapids. He insisted I come along. I changed my tickets at the last moment and did attend the 99 Percentile coaching. I could not have asked for anything more.

In just 3 days’ time from July 13th- 15th, you taught us everything from history taking, examination and a mind blowing way of counseling. The way you teach is not just good, it’s truly an honor to have been taught by you. Your coaching goes way beyond just passing the CS exam; it will stay with me for the rest of my professional life.

I would advise everyone to take CS coaching at 99 percentile because it does make a lot of difference and is worth every penny. I would also like to thank the rest of the faculty of 99 percentile and especially Dr. Singh's wife, Mrs. Aroma Singh for her wonderful and constant support while I was in unfamiliar territory. May God bless you and the 99 Percentile team with the best wishes.

Kishan Nallapula


I got a sigh of relief the day my CS result came. I had no clue I would have to take the exam until I attended your seminar at Manipal. This seminar formed the basis of my preparation for the exam. Every tip you gave me was of utmost benefit on the day of the exam. read more...

Your acronyms were amazing. It gave a continuous flow for my thought process during the exam. I wouldn't have had the confidence to face the exam if not for you.

After taking your course, I had some more questions and you were available on the phone and reciprocated in very timely manner. This conversation helped me clear doubts about tricks that I learned from my study partners and confirmed their validity. It's not just a 1 day, 3 day or 5 day course; it’s an outstanding relationship with you and 99 Percentile. You take personal interest in making sure that your students pass this exam. May God bless you and your team.


Student, M.D. (Internal Medicine - PGI)

Dear Dr. Singh, I have passed my Step 2 Clinical Skills. Given the huge amount of effort, time and expense involved in taking the Step 2 CS and more importantly the grave prognosis on USMLE prospects and terrible mental stress that a CS failure can impose, there is little doubt that a proper guidance is a requisite to sail through the exam safely. read more...

99 percentile is a real boon for IMGs appearing for the CS. IMG’s, as such are never short of “Clinical Skills” in its true sense, but what is tested is entirely different and this package is what 99 percentile is exceptional in providing. The confidence that Dr Harpreet and team arouse at the end of the 3 day training is most vital in facing the SPs without any hesitation on the D-day.

And this is no 3-day contract, for the amount of personal touch and care he gives in his students is simply amazing. In this aspect, Dr Harpreet and his family took me by a huge surprise. He has also been a continuous source of information and encouragement throughout the process. I would suggest it to any of my friends without any reservation.

Kavitha & Anna


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