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Why Clinic
  • Primary Care Checkup

  • Second Opinion for international patients

  • Precise history tracking and explanation of ailment

  • Comprehensive treatment advice

  • Preventive education

  • Diabetes advice

  • Nutrition counselling

      "Don’t just tell your patient WHAT to do, but WHY to do it!"

Why Clinic is inspired by Simon Sinek's Start with Why. As per him- People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Dr.Singh was so motivated by his book and his TED talk. This is when he came up with name "Why Clinic" where he wanted to explain his patients "WHY" of the disease rather than "WHAT" of the disease.

The question came to Dr.Singh's mind how can we activate and engage a patient. Can a PAMPHLET or BOOKLET or an APP activate and engage a patient? Dr.Singh spent next 45 minutes in explaining the patient about the heart failure discharge instructions, anatomy and pathophysiology of heart.

During this time he came up with, “don’t tell the patient just "What" to do but tell them "Why" to do it!” He started receiving many testimonials from his patients and wanted to do something different for mankind. He adopted principles of www.khanacademy.org for self-paced learning. Communicating about their health is the key to save health care dollars and prevent readmissions but some other constraints are- 1-Cultural Diversity 2-Low English Proficiency 3-Low Health Care Literacy

  • Derivation of WHY Clinic

    Learn how Dr. Harpreet Singh came up with Why Clinic? How he began using checklists for patient education. Dr. Singh uses layman terminology. You can hear the passion in his voice as he explains "Why Clinic" to you. Enjoy!
    Contact Dr.Singh for second opinion. He will do his level best to help you. His email address is drsingh@whyclinic.com
    Don't tell the patient what to do but why to do it.

Harpreet Singh MD

Founder & CEO - VitalChecklist
Internal Medicine Physician- MPCP
Clinical Instructor- Vital Checklist Step 2 CS workshop

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  • Your privacy is safe with us.
  • Patient confidentiality is our prime concern.

International Patients, please only use this Special Email ID for Patient consultation or sending Medical Records at drsingh@whyclinic.com

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  • Start with Why & WHY Clinic Philosophy

    Dr. Singh is all about the patient as he explains his philosophy of Vital Checklist with Start with Why? Learn how Simon Sinek inspired Dr. Singh. The Simon Sinek clips are available in full on TED.com. What is the major constraint in the healthcare? Time! If we can spend time with the patient then only the trust will develop. The trust develops when we listen to the patient. God has given us 2 ears and one tongue and therefore we should use them in the same ratio of 2:1 and not the vice versa. Dr.Singh is big fan of Simon Sinek and we need to start with the "Why" of the problem. We need to have more human interaction and communicate the why of the problem and not what of the problem. Don't tell the patient what to do but tell them why to do it.
  • Value-Based Purchasing by Educating, Activating & Engaging with Patients

    Patients and doctors should be at same level. If all the patients, caregivers and medical students are using the same checklist then everybody is on the same page. Let's take an example of the pain checklist- Life isn't Good,DOCTOR AID @ PM. When time is the constraint the trust goes down. It will be so difficult to communicate. If you have the funny acronym and the checklist, please contact us and we can help to save healthcare dollars. Let's participate in this project and help America to save money. Lets focus on value based purchasing and improve HCAHPS score.

What inspired WHY Clinic

Our inspiration of why clinic starts with this Golden Circle. Simon Sinek explains nicely about this in his book:
Start with why. He uses the examples of Wright Brothers  to elaborate this concept. Dr. Singh took a leaf out from his book and started with the concept of Why Clinic.

  • Can a person modify his habits if you tell him what to do?
  • He may or may not change, depends on patient’s health literacy level, thought activation and engagement in caretaking.
  • Just giving them pamphlets or giving 1-800 numbers to quit smoking is not going to change their habits.
  • If we want to change the habits, we need to start with “Why” of the problem and not just have superficial discussions. We need to explain the disease process in lay man language for easy absorption of ideology and understanding of the treatment to follow!
  • you may mention

We believe, as a caregiver, what matters most is how you can trigger and engage the patient in knowing his or her problem and its aftereffects rather than plain old implications. We compare both approaches side by side for a clear understanding.

Lets say you are counselling a young guy in his 30’s for smoking cessation:

The usual approach

The WHY approach

  • Reduces life span by 15 years.
  • Tobacco causes cancer.
  • Damages Lungs (COPD).
  • Increases the chance of heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis.
  • Bad oral health and mental stress
  • Can lead to Erectile Dysfunction,  impotence & infertility in females.
  • You will get wrinkles on the face and skin darkening.
  • Pregnant women can severely harm the fetus.
  • overactive bladder may impose using adult diapers.

After Starting with Why, it is important to teach the patients How followed by What, which may be the treatment, medicine or referral. To be a successful caregiver, we not only want to provide the health literacy but the patient activation becomes the key.

Why Clinic's consultation and Second opinion service

We would love to discuss with you about your health condition, give you medical consultation and subsequently provide treatment advice and referral to specialist doctors. We are also here to help you if you want a second opinion over your current diagnosis and treatment. Please send us your details to our HIPAA secured email drsingh@whyclinic.com

Doctors available for Consultation

Harpreet Singh MDInternal Medicine

  • Medical School: KMC Manipal, India
  • Residency: GRMEP (Spectrum Health and Saint Mary’s Hospital)
  • Languages: English, Punjabi and Hindi

H. Paul Singh MDFACC, Cardiology

  • Medical School: DMC, Ludhiana, India
  • Residency: Prince George Hospital
  • Fellowship: West Virginia University
  • Languages: English, Punjabi and Hindi

Tejinder S. Mander MDFACC, Cardiology

  • Medical School: DMC, Ludhiana, India
  • Residency: Prince George Hospital
  • Fellowship: West Virginia University
  • Languages: English, Punjabi and Hindi

Asif Azeem MDGastrointestinal Specialist

  • Medical School: King Edward Medical College, Pakistan
  • Residency & Fellowship: Cook County
  • Languages: English, Urdu and Punjabi

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